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Statement of Purpose

    We believe that Equipping the Saints Ministries is to exist to bring honor and glory to God by, but not limited to;
  1. helping God's people to discover their call, gifts and talents that they may be fruitful and multiply in the family of God
  2. faithfully teaching the full revelation of God's Word
  3. living lives of honesty and integrity
  4. reaching our world with the Word and love of God
  5. meeting the needs of humanity. Our motive is to always be the love of God within us

ETSM was conceived in 1981 when God placed it in B. L.'s heart and spirit. Though not understanding the purpose of ETSM when given, B. L. wrote down all that God showed him and filed it away. Over the last few years God has been preparing B. L. as well as others to head up this end-time ministry known as Equipping the Saints Ministries. God has made known the purpose of ETSM and that now is its time to rise up and prepare God's people. First, we are to equip the saints by biblically helping them to discover their gifts and offices that they may know their place, not only in the body of Christ but also in helping to make disciples to fulfill the great commission. Secondly, ETSM is to equip and prepare the saints to know the signs of the end times in which we live. We are to prepare the saints on how to endure the times of persecution and tribulation that lay ahead for believers in Jesus Christ as well as how to receive the miraculous interventions of God.

Our desire is to help people to be fully equipped with the maturity of the knowledge of God's word, the gifts of God and ears to hear what the Lord is saying to His people in these last days. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6a KJV). Our goal is to have none perish for lack of knowledge. This can only be done through solid, proven biblical teaching and preaching. We may never be "religiously correct," but our aim is to always be "biblically correct." Our name says it all. We are here by God's design and plan to equip the saints in every area that is revealed by God to better prepare them to bring glory and honor to His name and to reach a world in gross darkness (Is. 60:2) with the Light of Jesus Christ.

B.L. James, President  |  (719) 573-6067  |  P.O. Box 25123  |  Colorado Springs, Colorado 80936
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