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Friday, November 16th, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012
My Take On The Election
There has been a lot of discussion about the elections of this past week. People have been asking me what my take is on the election and its outcome. Like so many others I had a hard time sleeping Tuesday night. At about one o’clock in the morning I got up and began to pray about the outcome of the election. What I share with you now is what I felt that God put into my spirit about this election.

God gave us four years to decide as a nation as to whether we want to be a Christian nation or not, whether to continue under God’s protection and blessing or not. We have, as a whole, spoken–we no longer want God in our great nation.

Obama started his first term in a whirlwind. He went on an “apology tour” first thing. As he bowed to the Muslim Kings he announced that the United States was no longer a “Christian nation.” And our pulpits remained silent. He did all he could to denounce this great nation, tearing it down in the eyes of the world. He insulted our greatest allies while catering to the enemies of this nation, the Muslims. And our pulpits remained silent. He, along with his liberal lackeys in Washington DC, began an all-out assault on our freedoms and the Constitution of the United States of America. And the pulpits remained silent. He professed to be a Christian while making it unequivocally clear that he would promote same-sex marriage and fully support the right of women to murder the most innocent among us, the baby in the womb. And the pulpits remained silent. He has made it clear that he desires to level the economic playing field by making everyone equal financially–”equally poor” and totally dependent on the “big brother” of big government. And the pulpits remained silent.

He has signed more executive orders than all of the previous presidents combined that increase the power of his office designed to destroy our Constitution and our rights. And the church remained silent. Our government has passed legislation; i.e. hate crime laws, that will soon be used to silence the Christians and the conservative voice of United States of America. And the pulpits remained silent.

We, as Christians, are being led to the slaughter by our liberal government while all along singing, “Kum BaYa,” and remaining silent before our shearers. When Obama was reelected, along with a surge of more liberals added to our political arena at the federal, state and local government levels, we sent a word out to them, “We like what you are doing. We agree with your agenda and are in favor of your platform.” A platform that wanted no mention of God. A platform that supports all the gay agendas. A platform that desires to see the right to murder babies expanded to include the time just before delivery and shortly thereafter. A platform that wants the United States Constitution abolished or at best re- written to support liberal views and outlaws basic conservative rights. A platform designed to weaken our nation militarily. A platform designed to bring us under a one world government rule. A platform determined to unarm not only its citizens but its own military. A platform that supports opening our borders to “all” who want to come here. Those who desire our destruction are welcomed to live here and plan our demise. A platform that desires to have its citizens totally dependent on the government where laziness and the attitude of entitlement are rewarded at the expense of the hard work of others. A platform that favors socialism over capitalism.

Four years ago our government hit the road running passing law after law, many of which were never even read; but the liberals seized the opportunity to get as much done as possible to destroy our nation while they controlled all three branches of our federal government. Then they backed off to see how the nation would react. Again the pulpits were silent. Obama ran on the slogan of “change.” He immediately set out to change our nation from a God-fearing, Christian, militarily strong, financially strong, world leading nation to a God hating, non-Christian, weak militarily, financially weak, follower of the world’s opinion nation. Many “changes” came that have all but destroyed this great nation. Then he said he wanted to continue moving “forward” with the gutting out of our nation and the people said yes on Tuesday, November 6.

Now that the majority of this nation have spoken and have given their approval to our government to move “forward” with the “change,” as our pulpits remain silent, our government will now be emboldened to rapidly move “forward” with the destruction of United States of America. They now feel as if they have a mandate from the people to complete this task of destruction until this great nation is destroyed from within. All the while the pulpits remain silent

Where are the preachers like those who led the way in the civil rights movement? Where are the preachers like those that led the way in abolishing slavery? Where are the preachers like those that led the way in forming this great nation? Where are the preachers like those that led the way in the fight for religious freedom? Where are the preachers like those who were called on by presidents for advice in leading this nation in a godly manner in times of trouble? They are found “silently” hiding behind their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, cowering away in fear of losing their tax exemption thus losing their financial support and numbers.

I hear ministers on television prophesying all the judgments that are coming upon this nation and say, “I see so much more but I cannot reveal it.” They are scared that they may cross a line in the erroneous interpretation of the separation of church and state clause in our Constitution and lose their tax-exempt status and thus losing “MONEY.” These ministers believe their programs are “their” ministries and thus “they” must grow them and protect their financial base. If the ministry belongs to God one never has to beg for money or sale jewelry, miracle water, tribulation food, survival paraphernalia, etc. etc., God will provide all that is needed to bring glory to His name and maintain “His” ministries.

God gave the church four years to decide whether they wanted to take a stand for God and country or not. He sent record-breaking disasters to our nation. Record floods followed by record drought followed again by more record floods. He has shown us the instability of our financial institutions. Just days before the election he sent another warning to this nation in the form of hurricane Sandy, then another warning immediately following the election with a destructive nor’easter into the very same places. Man spoke on Tuesday, November 6 and now God is preparing to speak. He will now lift is protection off of this nation and the silent church.

Just what do I believe is coming to our nation? JUDGMENT!! And it will begin in the silent pulpits, pews and churches! Just as the Obama administration will hit the road running again to get as much done to destroy this nation further, I believe God is going to start pouring out his judgments on the silent church and this “not so great anymore” nation. We as a church and a nation have mocked God long enough and now comes the punishment.

Tragedy after tragedy is about to unfold. Man’s hearts will fail for fear. This nation, as well as the rest of the world, is about to experience devastation, destruction, weather phenomenon, war and terrorism as never before. All of this is a precursor to the Tribulation and then the return of Jesus.

In the midst of all of this chaos the church will experience a revival like none other. She will become the glorious church that will be used for a great spiritual awakening and harvest of souls throughout the world. The world is headed for destruction but the church is headed for redemption.