Pray for Our President

I must deviate from our end-time study in order to share with you a burden that God has put into my heart.

Like so many others I too have been guilty of bashing our president. True, there are good reasons to be upset with our president for the many bad decisions that have been made that have nearly crippled our nation. He seems to be anti-Christian with his lack of support for our National Day of Prayer, his support of gay issues, his stance on abortion, etc., etc. Yet, we are not admonished to bash,disagree with, argue with or ridicule our leaders but to pray for them. After all it is God who “removes kings and raises up kings.”(Dan.2:21)

As I was viewing some pictures of President Obama in his teen and young adult years, I was drawn to those who were in the pictures with him. At a very early point in his life it would appear that he came under the influence of some very radical anti-America people and groups. These helped to mold and shape Barack Obama’s domestic and world views. It would appear that he was brainwashed into this radically liberal mindset. He was groomed to became the puppet of these groups. He then was brought under the influence of a radical religious leader for twenty some years. A religious leader who spews hatred to stir up racial bigotry. This formed his ideas of Christianity. Now he sees and hears those professing Jesus as their Lord gossiping about their president as well as not exampling the love of Jesus. He may have never really seen the real Jesus Christ in the lives of those professing His name. He is bewildered about Christianity and what he sees the church exampling isn’t very appealing. He needs to see the real life-changing Jesus at work in the lives of those professing Jesus.

As I viewed one particular picture of our president’s college years my heart began to ache for him. God showed me the victim of years of radical influence. I saw Barack as a mentally abused boy. He had no idea how he had been so deceived by these purveyors of hatred. Those bent on the destruction of this nation. And now they have deceived a nation into making their puppet our president.

I believe God is showing me that if the saints will pray for our president to be saved, he will be saved. The scales of radical liberalism will be removed from his eyes and he will see the truth, which will set him free from the puppet strings of the radical haters of America. God would then use Barack Obama to expose the agenda of these radical groups, and he would become a great asset to the cause of Christ in these last days.

So, what do we do? Instead of looking for every opportunity to bash our president why don’t we carry a burden for his soul and that of his family? LET’S PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT

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