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The End Times-Pt. 1

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

End Time Study-Pt. I
Jesus said, “Behold, I come quickly—; And, behold, I come quickly—; surely I come quickly—” (Rev. 22:7,12,20). I believe Jesus wanted His followers to understand that He is coming quickly. He even promised His followers in John 14:1-3, before His death and subsequent resurrection and ascension, that He would go away and prepare a place for them. And if He would go then He would return for them so that they could forever be with Him. Even the angels promised those who witnessed the ascension of Jesus that, “This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). Throughout the New Testament and even in portions of the Old Testament we find scriptures dealing with the end times, the rapture or the gathering of the saints and the return of Jesus. Yet no one knows the day or the hour that He will return. But throughout scripture God has given us clues as to when the season of the return of Christ will be.

Many have given their predictions as to exactly when Jesus would return, and they have all been wrong. We must understand all the scriptures pertaining to Jesus’ return, as well as all the predicted events of the end time occurring, before we can draw any concrete conclusions as to when the season of His return will be.

Although no man knows the day or hour of Jesus’ return, the Bible makes it very clear that that day will not take the saints by surprise (I Thes. 5:1-11). God wants to equip the saints with the knowledge they need to be prepared for what is about to break loose in the earth and the heavenlies.

Some of the events that must take place during the generation that will witness the return of Jesus are Israel, the Jews, would gather to their homeland and would become a nation again. This occurred on May 15,1948. Also, the temple is to be rebuilt in Jerusalem where the sacrifices will be offered up again. It has been reported that the Sanhedrin have reformed in Israel and are currently looking for direct descendants from the tribe of Levi in order to train them as priests to do the daily sacrifices. There are also reports of them doing a worldwide search for a red heifer whose sacrifice is needed for the dedication and purification of a temple. These events are some of the events that must happen to Israel, in one generation, before Jesus’ return. Another event leading up to the return of Jesus is found in II Peter 3:3, 4, that being, “in the last days there will be those, who walking in their own lust, will scoff and mockingly proclaim, ‘where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.’” I believe that even those within the confines of most churches are now, if not saying this are at least, believing it. This is easily substantiated by simply observing the lifestyles of the average church attendee today. Do their lifestyles reflect holiness and righteousness? Are they more earthly focused than eternally focused? Do they bear a burden for the lost? Do they make the effort to clothe the naked and feed the hungry? If the answer is no to these questions, then sadly we must say, we are not looking for or hastening the coming of the Lord.

Another sign or event to be fulfilled before Jesus returns is the characteristics and lifestyles of the people toward the end of the history of mankind. The Modern Language Bible states it this way, “But understand this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, avaricious, boasters, haughty, abusive, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, irreverent, without natural affection, relentless, slanderers, uncontrolled, brutal, with no love for the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. While retaining a form of piety, they are strangers to its power.” (II Tim.3:1-5). I believe we all would agree that these scriptures are definitely being fulfilled worldwide.

If there was ever evidence of end-time scriptures being fulfilled, it is the fulfillment of II Tim. 4:3, 4 that is taking place today. Paul warns us here, “For there is going to come a time when people won’t listen to the truth, but will go around looking for teachers who will tell them just what they want to hear. They won’t listen to what the Bible says but will blithely follow their own misguided ideas.” (TLB). Many of our mega churches today are evidence of people going where their ears are being tickled or hearing the things that make them feel good about themselves. People do not want to hear anyone pointing out sins that they may be comfortably living in. And God forbid if a minister would call them to repentance. Instead our churches must be people friendly and, by all means, nothing should ever be said that may cause embarrassment or discomfort to the attendees. Everyone, regardless of their lifestyles, are to be made to feel welcomed, received, blessed and saved because after all they are in “our” church. I stand amazed at the arrogance of people today. Even when I quote nothing but scriptures, they still disagree with what I say when pointing out their shortcomings. They are determined to follow their own misguided ideas. It’s as though everyone has their own plan of salvation all worked out and no one can tell them that they are wrong.

Then there are the signs spoken by Jesus recorded in Matthew twenty-four. He says in the end times there shall be wars and rumors of wars(v.6); famine, pestilences and earthquakes(v.7); christians will be hated(v.9); we shall betray one another and hate one another(v.10); false teachers and preachers shall arise(v.11); and sin will abound, lawlessness will prevail and the love of many will wax cold(v.12). I would dare say that each of these signs are prevalent in our world today.

II Thes. 2:3 tells us that before Jesus comes back there must first be a great falling away from the faith and the anti-Christ must be revealed . The falling away has and is occurring and it will be magnified during the Great Tribulation. And the anti-Christ will not be revealed until the mid-point of the Tribulation.

All of these things must occur before Jesus returns. Are we close? I say definitely, factually and scripturally–YES! We shall look at these signs and events more in depth as we look at the end time scriptures further to prove that we are in the last of the last days. But for now I must reiterate that no man knows the day or the hour of our Lord’s return, but the body of Christ shall know the season of His return. We are not the children of darkness, so the day of His return will not surprise us like a thief in the night. God is increasing revelation knowledge about the end times as never before in order to prepare His people to be able to persevere to the end. Even Jesus told us in Matthew twenty-four to observe the fig tree. He stated that just as we can tell by the tenderness of the branches and the budding of leaves that summer is near, so it will be before He returns. We will know the season by the signs and events foretold in scripture.

Daniel tells us that in the last days, during the Great Tribulation, “—that the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. And those of the people who understand shall instruct many.” (Dan.11:32, 33). The true church, those who understand the seasons, signs, events and scriptures dealing with the end times, will be strong and will be able to instruct the masses as to what is occurring in the world around them. I believe this wisdom of the end-time events along with the exploits of the believers is what will cause many to believe upon Jesus Christ as the Messiah, a great harvest of souls as it were.

So we must be wise pertaining to the end times. This wisdom will be brought about by increased knowledge (Dan.12:4) from God. The world will be asking questions about the events occurring in the world and the church will have the answers. Nothing will take us by surprise. We must realize that the words of John in Rev. 1:3, “—for the time is near,” is upon this generation and we must make ready for “the Bridegroom cometh.”(Matt. 25:6)

Why Isn’t God Using Me?

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Have you ever asked yourself the question,”Why doesn’t God use me?” Do you feel that you are destined to be used of God? If so, why aren’t you being used? I admonish you to ask yourself another question, “Is there anything in my life that is defiling me?” I was asking God why He isn’t using me on the level that He called me to and I heard that voice within tell me that I was defiled. It was as if God spoke into my heart,”I cannot use you until that which defiles you is removed.” To say the least this surprised me. I thought everything between me and God was right on. His Holy Spirit then began to reveal to me the things that are defiling me. Needless to say I had some serious repenting to do which lead to a sense of freedom that I have not felt for a long time. In fact God has been using me since this prayer time to speak into other people’s lives and to minister to people at a new level.

If you have been called to minister at any level, from cleaning the church, to counseling, to teaching, to preaching to thousands, and yet it seems that you simply can not obtain the call on your life, you may be defiled; if so rest assured,”…Your sin will find you out.”(Num.32:23) Jesus put it this way,”For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”(Luke 8:17) Our secrets, our defilements, will be made known. Over the last few decades God has been using the media and other means to expose the defilement in the pulpits of America. Judgement has begun in the house of God.(I Peter 4:17)

I know that we are in the last of the last days. The true believers will be blamed for most of the world’s problems and will be treated as criminals. As such we will be under constant surveillance. What we watch on T.V. is already being monitored to rate shows. Our computer use is monitored. This is how they catch child porn users. If we have any defilements it will be made known to discredit us. In this,the end times, God is looking for a people who are seeking Him, His kingdom, His righteousness; not defiling themselves; pure and holy; above reproach. God will no longer entrust His ministry to those who are defiled. He is ready for harvest! The defiled can not be used for harvest because the “whosoever will” that God wants to save are looking for the Truth–Jesus. The Jesus that changes lives. If we are defiled, they will not see the Jesus they need. Our defilements destroy our ministry, our testimony, and the witness we had to the “whosoever will” who has been listening to and watching us.

As God was revealing my defilements, He showed me just how we get defiled. He gave me Psalm 101:2-4. He had me focus on verse three, “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.” David, a man after God’s heart, set before his eyes a young woman bathing; he began to lust for her which led to adultry, murder and the death of a child. Samson set before his eyes Delilah and lost his ability to be used of God. Herod set before his eyes the daughter of Herodias and it caused him to behead John the Baptist. Just what do we set before our eyes that defiles us? God showed me four areas that Satan uses to defile us thus rendering us unsuitable for God’s use.

The first of these is television. What do we watch in the hidden place of our homes? If we watch programs that show violence, this defiles us. We may have outbursts of anger. We may develop a get-even mentality. If we set before us programs that use profanity, this defiles us. In the heat of the moment we too may use profanity because our minds have absorbed this and it will express itself through us. This destroys our witness to the “whosoever will.” If we set before us programs containing sex and seduction, this defiles us. This produces lust, an improper attitude toward sex, a means to manipulate the opposite sex, an attitude that says our spouses do not measure up; and it encourages multiple partners. Remember our T.V. program selection is being monitored and can be used to expose our sins that will destroy our witness.

The second means that Satan uses to defile us is our misuse of our computers. What do we click on? Porn? This defiles us. Our computer activity is also monitored. If we are viewing anything that defiles it will be revealed.

The third thing used by Satan to defile us are movies. What movies do we set before us that defiles us? It ceases to amaze me how professing christians can come up with so many lame reasons that it is okay to go to movies that show nudity, sex, violence and use profanity, especially God’s name in vain, while all along they are being desensitized to accept the world’s ways. They pay big bucks to Hollywood so they can keep on producing more defilement. Most will say ,”I am free to do whatever as long as it does not convict me.” For those of this ill-informed mindset may I suggest that you read I Cor.8:3-13. This pertains to more than our eating meats, it applies to every aspect of our lives. “But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak.”(vs.9) Remember we are being watched by non-believers, new converts (the weak), christians (who will lose confidence in our ability to lead), and Big Brother who will use everything they can to destroy our witness.

The fourth, but I’m sure not the last, thing that Satan sets before us that defiles us is our thoughts. What do we meditate on? If our thoughts are not pure, then they will defile us. If we are envious, jealous, covetous, lusting, etc. in our minds –we are defiled.

“To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure: But even their mind and conscience are DEFILED, they profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and DISQUALIFIED FOR EVERY GOOD WORK.”(Titus 1:15,16)When we set wicked things before our eyes, we become defiled and disqualified to be used by God. The Message Bible states,”They say they know God, but their actions speak louder than their words.” What are your actions (your language,what you watch on T.V., movies and on the computer) saying to those around you and more importantly to God?

We are the end-time church. We will suffer persecution. We will be followed and monitored. God is looking for laborers for the harvest. But He cannot and will not use the defiled. Are you still asking,”Why doesn’t God use me?” Are you called out, gifted, talented, annointed, destined, yet there you sit? Be sure of this, “your sin will find you out,” “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” The very reason that you may not be where God wants to use you may be because you are defiling yourself, rendering yourself unusable.You may think that it is all hidden thus not hurting anyone but God sees and He will expose the defilements for all to see. Nothing in secret will stay hidden.

What can you do to make yourself usable? Start by repenting for allowing the enemy of your soul to set before you that which is considered wicked in God’s sight.Pray Psalm 139:23,24, and be sincere. Then follow Paul’s advice in Romans 12:1,2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Make up your mind that you “will set nothing wicked before my (your) eyes.”

Women Are Awesome

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to deviate from our endtime focus and share with you an excerpt about women from my book,”Nothing But The Blood–How Christ’s Passion Reversd the Curses of Sin.”

When God decided to create a helpmate for man, Adam, He did not form her from the dust of the ground as He had done in creating man. He brought her forth from something already created and living, man. When God created Adam, man, He created him both male and female. “So God Created man (singular) in his own image, in the image of God created he him; (singular) male and female created he them. (plural)” (Gen. 1:27, emphasis added) “Male and female created he them; (plural) and blessed them, (plural) and called their (plural) name Adam, (singular, man) in the day when they (plural) were created.” (Gen. 5:2, emphasis added) Eve was already created in Adam; she just had not been “birthed” yet. God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and He then performed a cesarean section on him and woman, Eve, was “birthed.” (Gen. 2:21-25) From the side of the first Adam God “birthed” woman and brought into being that which would allow Him to have a people that He could have a Father-child relationship with.

When Adam “birthed” Eve she was to be a helpmate to him. Just what is a “helpmate” or “helpmeet?” Its definition is simply a helper or partner. But help to do what or partner to what? Man was destined by God to “…be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:…” (Gen. 1:28) In order for man to multiply he needed a partner, a helper. This was one task he could not do alone, thus came Eve “…the mother of all living…” (Gen. 3:20), to make him complete for the task of multiplying and filling the earth. But man was also to have dominion “…over every living thing that moveth upon the earth…” (Gen. 1:28, emphasis added). Man was to take the lead in all things, especially in maintaining the Father-child relationship with Jehovah.

Man was created to follow God. He was to be the spiritual leader of the family, the high priest of his home. He brings strength, security, supply and spiritual relationship to the family. His helpmate brings emotion, balance and guidance to the family. Women have the most important and privileged position on earth. They are “helpmates.” How many of you know that woman can make man do just about anything. Ask Sampson about his Delilah or King Ahab about his Jezebel or John the Baptist about the daughter of Herodias. Though man has dominion, woman can so easily conquer him. God has given woman this ability to guide man. She can either use it for good or for evil. She is the rudder on the ship called man. She can steer him toward a Father-child relationship with Jehovah or she can steer him away from God for her own selfish desires. The old quote “Behind every successful man is a good woman,” is oh so true. Who do most young boys turn to when they have a question about life – mom. Why? Because she guides, encourages and steers him toward high and lofty goals.

So a helpmate is one who steers her husband and family towards God. She encourages them to be in such a close relationship with God that He can use them for what He purposed for their lives before the foundation of the earth. A godly woman can be so mightily used of God to mold godly character, to instruct, to guide, to encourage her mate to reach all his potential for God. When a woman is in her rightful place of helpmate, she will receive a mate who will love her “as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” (Eph. 5:25) When a man is in a right relationship with God, his wife receives a husband who will lay down his life, his self will and desires in order to show her the Father’s unconditional love. She has a mate that she can trust and know that he will always be faithful to her because of his love for God. This meets the most common needs of a woman; i.e., security, a feeling of safety, confidence in who she is and in her relationship with her husband. When a wife is supporting and encouraging (not nagging) her husband in his walk with God, their life together will be long, loving, peaceful and will produce a family after God’s heart.

This was God’s intention for woman, not a subservient position, but a partnership to make one complete person following God’s plan for their lives. A husband and wife in love with and flowing in their godly roles will cause the devils to tremble. When mom and dad are in unity, there will be unity in the home. This is one of the worst enemies Satan has – a unified body of believers. This is why Satan has attacked women so violently. He wants them independent, have no need of man, use their God-given powers to manipulate man towards evil. If you don’t believe this, all you have to do is watch anything on television and you’ll see the appeal to one of man’s strongest appetites – sex. Satan is devouring our men, including our ministers and other Christian leaders, through the manipulating power of a sensual woman. It’s time for men to rise up and become the warriors God intended them to be. They should fight for their wives, not fight with them. Men should be so in love with God and His word that there is no weapon that the enemy can form against him that will prosper.

God had originally planned for man and woman to be one in every area of life, especially in their Father-child relationship with Jehovah. Eve was to help Adam be all that God wanted him to be. Together they were to be fruitful and multiply. They were to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. They were to fill the earth with their seed being in relationship with Jehovah. But the first Adam failed when his helpmate steered him in the wrong direction, that being disobedience to the Father.

But now we have the second Adam, Jesus, who has finished the blood sacrifice making a way for a new, pure, helpmate to be “birthed.” One made in the image of God Jehovah — pure, holy, glorious without spot or wrinkle or blemish or any such thing. One who would be a helpmate to her mate the second Adam, Jesus. One who would be fruitful and multiply His seed and replenish the earth with His offspring. Jesus had a cesarean section and the womb of His heart opened up and spilled out the birth fluids of blood and water and He “birthed” a bride, a church. One that was just like Himself, bone of His bones, flesh of His flesh, spirit of His Spirit, one unified body born perfect. One can see this in Ephesians 5:25-27.

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” (Emphasis added) Here Paul commands the husbands to love their wives, just as Jesus loves His wife, His bride, the church. He died to give birth to her. He sanctified her, set her apart to be His, to bring forth His seed, to fill the earth with His children. He keeps her holy, pure and clean, undefiled by this sinful world by His living word and Spirit so that when the Bridegroom comes to receive His bride, the church, she will be glorious, without spot, or wrinkle or any such thing, holy without blemish.

He did not birth a harlot. One who goes whoring after her lovers of worldliness. One who would be an adulteress and cheat on him. One who would only love Him when she can see Him. One who would only love Him for His wealth. One who would love Him only in the good times. One who would love Him only for the goose bumps He makes her feel at times. One who would love Him only for His gifts or abilities to do miracles. One Who Loves Him Period! No Questions Asked! Unconditionally! His Forever No Matter What!!!

His blood sacrifice made the way for her birth, and He sealed her with the water of the Holy Spirit. “…after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.”” (Eph. 1:13) He put His engagement ring of the Holy Spirit on her, His mark of ownership. Is it any wonder that the church is admonished to “…be filled with the Spirit.” (Eph. 5:18b) It’s His seal of ownership. We belong to a Holy King. He has gone to prepare a place for us; and He is coming back for His beautiful, holy, pure, undefiled, unblemished and spot-free bride to take her to the place He has prepared. There to ever be with her Holy Husband. (John 14:1-3) By Him giving the Holy Spirit is proof that the atonement for sin was complete, that a bride had been “birthed,” and that He is coming back for her soon.

I want to wish all of our mothers a very happy and blessed Mothers Day!! Remember, you have the great task of keeping us men on a highway called holy. WOMEN–YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

Posted by BL James Equipped for the End-Time at 12:32 PM

Are We In The Last Days?

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Are we in the last days? As Jesus hung on the cross and cried out, “It is finished,” the prophetic clock to the return of Christ began to tick. All things needed for the salvation, peace and hope of man was fulfilled. With nothing else needed, the last days could begin. We have been in he last days ever since Jesus said, “It is finished,” and the prophecies dealing with the end times have been fulfilling themselves as though on a time table. God is counting down to the end and only He knows the day and hour of that return. He is escalating the fulfillment of these end-time events and prophetic utterances; thus, we are now in what I call the last of the last days.

Even the secular world believes that the world is coming to an end. It’s no secret that the world seems to be running out of natural resources. The weather patterns have gone so awry that the meteorologists have no explanation of the erratic weather events. Of course some are crying that global warming is to blame, although this can not be scientifically substantiated. We are seeing the increase of floods, drought, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, wild fires, as well as other natural disasters. Thousands are starving to death daily. There are wars and rumors of war. Terrorism and violence are increasing. Lawlessness abounds. Economies are in jeopardy of total collapse. The political arena has gone morally and ethically bankrupt. All the evidence seems to point to the fact that something catastrophic is about to happen.

With all the signs of the times pointing to the end of the history of mankind, what should the church be doing? The church should be studying to show itself approved, able to give an account of what it believes. We should be able to point at the news events and say, “This is that which the prophets foretold.” The church has been lulled to sleep concerning the end times with the arousing words of some preachers insuring the believers that they do not have to be concerned about the last days because the church will be raptured before the going really gets rough or, to say, before the Great Tribulation begins. As a result of this traditional, yet erroneous teaching, the church will be ill-equipped to face the end times with faith, power and confidence. The church needs to respond to the end-time events occurring around the world by equipping the saints to not only be ready for the tribulation, but also be ready to stand as pillars of strength proclaiming the Word of God. The saints need to be equipped for the great harvest that will come at the end of the age. As long as believers have an escapist mindset they will not be about the Father’s business, winning the lost.

In the weeks ahead we shall not only prove that pre-trib and mid-trib theologies are not scriptural, but we shall also endeavor to equip the saints with the tools needed to be ready for the Great Tribulation and for the great harvest of souls. The world is going to be looking for solutions to all of the chaos that engulfs them and the church will have the answers. This can only be done when we become equipped with biblical truth and the unction of the Holy Ghost.

This is the purpose of this blog, equipping the saints. This will be done by bringing clarity and understanding to the scriptures pertaining to the end times. I hope to bring you, the reader, to the fresh revelation of the times in which we live that we may better comprehend the events that surround us. As you follow this blog pray for an open mind and for understanding. If you disagree make sure it is done with scripture and not by personal biases developed through the religions and traditions of man. The material that I will be sharing in this blog on the end times has come from years of study and prayer, and its time is now.

May God enhance your understanding and add wisdom to you as you received this revelation knowledge.