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Statement of Existence

    Equipping the Saints Christian Center exists to:
  1. Provide an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is free to flow.
  2. Have the glory of God as our pursuit, our goal and our reason for existing.
  3. Provide a place where the body of Christ can gather to be built up, edified, strengthened and equipped for ministry.
  4. Provide an opportunity for every believer to minister in his or her motivational gifts, manifestation gifts and office.
  5. Have services that welcome the Holy Spirit; that are flexible to allow the Holy Spirit the freedom to totally control the service; that allow the 5-fold ministers to freely flow in harmony to express the truths of God's Word; that allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin; that allow people the opportunity to publicly confess their sins and commitment to Christ; that offers open altar and family prayer times; that has music that brings about true worship and praise from the believer; that allows the freedom of expression that is led of the Holy Spirit; and that has the love of God as its driving motive.
  6. Meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of all people.
  7. Be a beacon of light in a very dark world.
  8. Assist all believers in finding their place in the body of Christ that God has equipped them for where they will be the most fruitful and find the greatest amount of joy and contentment in servicing God.
  9. Equip the body of Christ to endure the trials, persecutions, tribulations and temptations that the church will soon have to face.
  10. Equip the Bride for the soon return of her Bridegroom, Jesus.
B.L. James, President  |  (719) 573-6067  |  P.O. Box 25123  |  Colorado Springs, Colorado 80936
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