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Destiny of ETSCC

    The future of ETS Christian Center is totally in God's hands. The following are the things that God has already revealed to ETSCC:
  1. We are to secure our own building as soon as it is financially feasible.
  2. We are to start compassion's ministry outreach shortly after securing a building where the physical needs of people can be met.
  3. We are to establish a clothing and food store for those in need.
  4. We are to establish a women-in-crisis and men-in-crisis ministry to help those needing and wanting help in putting their lives back together and restoring them to be a viable part of society again.
  5. We are to secure land in the general vicinity of Highway 94 and Marksheffel Road to build all the required buildings for future ministries.
  6. We are to become a model of a New Testament 5-fold ministry church that others may pattern their churches after.
  7. We are to have a restoration ministry to restore ministers who have been removed from their ministries. We are to counsel them, meet their spiritual ,emotional and physical needs as we equip them to better serve in the body of Christ and assist them in returning to full-time ministry.
  8. Our motto in all ministries will be I Cor. 10:31b "... Whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God."
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